Competition and Consumer Law

Industry Legal Group works with businesses to provide practical and current legal advice and information about compliance with competition and consumer law. Every Australian business must adhere to consumer and competition law for compliance and to ensure fair and equitable trade. Consumers and businesses are protected by these laws, and at Industry Legal Group, we can help with legal advice and compliance.

We have a deep understanding of competition and consumer law and can ensure that your business operates in a commercially viable and practical manner as you trade locally, nationally and internationally.

  • Warranties
  • Pricing
  • Product safety and labelling of products
  • Business conduct, including misleading or deceptive practices
  • Misuse of market power
  • Exclusive dealing
  • Uncollected goods

We can help you to mitigate the potential for loss or litigation with comprehensive legal advice and guidance.

Trusted Experience

Our commercial legal team at Industry Legal Group have experience in managing clients of a range of sizes, including sole traders, small to medium-sized enterprises (SME) and large enterprises.

We use plain language and make sure that every client understands the legal and professional requirements for their business. Our approach is proactive and thorough to ensure that our clients are in full compliance with the necessary legal and professional issues.

Competition Law

The purpose of competition law is to control restrictive trade practices and to protect consumers from unfair commercial practices. Industry Legal Group can help you to navigate Australia’s regulatory environment and manage your business in line with the relevant laws and the requirements of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC).

We ensure compliance with:

  • All ACCC investigation and auditing
  • Anti-competitive pricing laws
  • Fair trading laws
  • Infrastructure access and regulation
  • Strategic advice
  • Business planning

Consumer Law

Our Australian consumer laws are in place to protect consumers and to provide a national law for managing fair contracts, safety and purchasing, among other elements. We can work with you to ensure compliance when it comes to:

  • Promotional campaigns
  • Exclusive dealing issues
  • Product liability and recalls
  • Labelling
  • Warranties
  • Consumer guarantees
  • Fair trading

Why Industry Legal Group?

When you work with us at Industry Legal Group, you draw on our in-depth experience and expertise in managing business compliance. We work with you to make sure that compliance is first in all that you do – and help you to avoid potentially costly or business-ending mistakes in the future.

For more information on how we can meet your competition and consumer law needs, please contact us today.